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Work directly with Parlor's experts to train your team, understand your users, and build your products.

Use our experts to train your team.

Empower your team with the knowledge and tactics it needs to run a proactive, impactful, and cutting-edge user research program.

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Concept Validation Training

In-person or online training with Parlor's user research and concept validation experts designed to teach you and your team how to establish, manage, and execute a customer collaboration program.

Guided Discovery Sprint Planning

Guided 4-week discovery sprints, led by Parlor's internal experts in order to validate which of your efforts are likely to have the greatest impact, and thus should be shelved, revised, or handed off for development.

Use our team to build your product.

Launch your MVP, differentiate yourself from competitors, and magnify your velocity with our flexible, personal, and proven product team.

Let's discuss together

Our background & experience.

Founded in 2017, Parlor is a software and services company designed to help digital product teams build better, more useful, more enjoyable products for their users. In addition to developing our own suite of products focused on supporting digital product teams, we also consult clients with both small and large-scale software development projects.

Our team combines deep knowledge in design-first product development, experience building and scaling software companies, and familiarity with modern technology stacks and iterative product development. We've launched MVPs, grown teams, and successfully exited from some of the east coast's most successful software companies.

How we work.


We're at our best when tasked with planning, designing, and building a project from the very beginning. Ready for something new? We're the team you want.


We're a team of proven operators who take pride in doing more than just pushing pixels. Need a guiding hand? A team of advisors? We're the team you want.


The best outcomes are a consequence of great communication. Looking for a true extenstion of your team? We're the team you want.

How we charge.


Development should be a fluid endeavor. To ensure transparency and set realistic expectations, we favor a fixed hourly rate opposed to an inaccurately estimated up-front project cost.


Every company has different budgetary restrictions. To keep things easy, we are flexible with our invoicing schedule and can work together to parse out work into separate billing cycles.


We do not charge for client correspondence or general project management – only actual design and development work. It's fairer to you and doesn't unfairly penalize working closely together.

Kind words from our clients.

"The Parlor team has been amazing to work with! We engaged them with an ill-defined spec, knowing we had a limited budget and a broad idea of what we wanted, but not knowing how much effort and cost it would all take. The Parlor team took on the challenge with an agile development approach, ensuring that each invoice matched an in-production deliverable from which we could decide whether or not to proceed further. A true extension of our team, they have become deeply committed to our success, actively working toward our goals and guiding us with their expertise."

- Martin Sinozich
Executive Director

"The Parlor team has become a trusted extension of our own - we rely on them for advice and guidance just as much as we do for technical deliverables. They’re easy to reach, easy to communicate with, and action-oriented. It’s hard for us to imagine our progress without them, and we’re looking forward to a continued collaboration throughout the coming years."

- Claire Sinozich
Content Coordinator

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