From everything you could, build only the ones you should.


Know before you build.

Parlor lets you accurately determine the impact of new features long before you spend the precious time and money building them.

Preview new feature ideas directly inside your app, all without writing a single line of code.

Analyze user sentiment and feedback to determine which features to build – and which to avoid.

Drastically de-risk your development efforts by eliminating duds before they're ever built.


Get it right the first time.

Parlor analyzes your users' sentiment and feedback on the features you're considering building, identifying what's working — and what's not.

Capture your users' reactions — positive, neutral, or negative — to the features you're previewing.

Parlor immediately surveys users to discover precisely why they feel the way they do about each feature.

Uncover exactly how valuable new features are. Should you charge more, or scrap them entirely?


An army of collaborators.

Parlor fundamentally transforms how teams effectively identify, engage, and incorporate their users more deeply into the design process.

Invite all of your users — or only some — to preview and give feedback on the features you're considering.

Identify your 'Collaboration Qualified Users', those capable of giving the highest quality feedback.

Dramatically improve your relationship with users by treating them as collaborators, not just customers.

Crowdsource your roadmap.

Stop settling for your highest paid person's opinion. Parlor puts the power in the hands of your users... with your oversight, of course.

Task your users to polish every detail of your app by letting them attach feedback to anything they want.

Select the most interesting ones, and then release them to your users for crowd discussion and voting.

When your users have decided on a clear winner, instantly create a new preview to get the ball going.