Know your users beyond analytics & support tickets.

Parlor is a Customer Collaboration Platform that transforms the way you proactively engage your customers in order to improve those relationships, refine your products, and grow your company.

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Rethink what your users are capable of.

Parlor turns your users into collaborators and your live product into a dynamic collaboration lab – all without disrupting your UX.

Convert your customers into an army of dedicated, passionate collaborators.

“Customers want to be treated as valued partners to the companies they work with. Parlor is driven by each and every customer relationship to help companies build better products.”

  • ~ Anna Norregaard
  • Partner Executive

Enable VIP users to attach highly actionable feedback to any element or feature.

“Companies hire entire teams to learn from customers what Parlor can capture immediately out of the box.”

  • ~ Ekow Essel
  • Product Manager

Validate your ideas by embedding mockups directly inside of your live product.

“Most product teams have more ideas than they’ll ever be capable of pursuing. Parlor provides us with the sort of clarity we need to ensure we’re building the right things, at the right time.”

  • ~ Lucas Dunn
  • Senior Product Manager

Connect your users to build a passionate community around your product.

“That Parlor prevents me from having to spend weeks planning, scheduling, hosting, and synthesizing user feedback sessions is a god send. I’ve literally spent 2 months of 8 hour days trying to learn what Parlor can teach me about my users.”

  • ~ Justin Girard
  • Senior Product Designer