A great product is the
consequence of great listening.

You have dozens of ideas for how to improve your product, but no clue which will have the greatest impact on your business. Until now…

    • “Nothing matters other than what customers want. Thus, a tool like Parlor is ESSENTIAL to online success. That's why I'm so jazzed.”

      • ~ Randy Parker
      • Founder
    • "Parlor is going to allow founders of early ventures to quickly find product-market fit instead of spending precious time coding prototypes to try to achieve that same validation."

      • ~ Mina Iskarous
      • Partner
    • “Most product teams have more ideas than they’ll ever be capable of pursuing. Parlor provides us with the sort of clarity we need to ensure we’re building the right things, at the right time.”

      • ~ Lucas Dunn
      • Senior Product Manager
    • “Customers want to be treated as valued partners to the companies they work with. Parlor is driven by each and every customer relationship to help companies build better products.”

      • ~ Anna Norregaard
      • Partner Executive
    • “Companies hire entire teams to learn from customers what Parlor can capture immediately out of the box.”

      • ~ Ekow Essel
      • Product Manager
    • “Simply put, Parlor is the future of collaboration.”

      • ~ Mykim Dang
      • Director of Video
    • “The Parlor team is terrific. I’m excited to see Parlor continue to iterate and improve their product, while helping customers do the same.”

      • ~ Rich Thornett
      • Founder
    • “That Parlor prevents me from having to spend weeks planning, scheduling, hosting, and synthesizing user feedback sessions is a god send. I’ve literally spent 2 months of 8 hour days trying to learn what Parlor can teach me about my users.”

      • ~ Justin Girard
      • Senior Product Designer

Product teams don't know their users nearly as well as they think.

Because of this, the inputs teams use as the basis for their roadmap are often inaccurate, unclear, biased, or simply not actionable.

Rather than talking to customers directly, nearly everything product teams know about their users wants and needs are either gained indirectly (by spying on them through analytics tools rather than actively communicating with them) or from another team at the company (such as through the sales process or incoming customer support tickets).

The vast majority of product teams still rely on another team – Customer Support – to handle feature requests, still rely solely on analytics tools to passively learn about users, still use random people through a third party site for user testing, and still go days or even weeks without having direct 1:1 conversations with their users.

A 'Customer Collaboration Platform' for product teams.

Parlor is fundamentally changing the way digital product teams can engage their users in order to build better products.

Through Parlor, teams can engage their customers in a far more proactive and personal manner, giving both sides the tools they need to share new ideas, review potential product updates, validate the impact of future efforts, and dramatically de-risk the cost of new feature development – all before they write a single line of code.

How it works.

Accurately determine the impact of potential new features without having to spend all of the precious time and money building them first.


A rundown of the basics.

Preview potential new features directly in your app, all before writing a single line of code.

Validate with users that you're designing the right features in the right way the first time.

De-risk your teams' efforts by weeding out the expensive duds long before development.

Drastically improve your relationship with users by engaging them as collaborators.

Built for the people on both sides of your product.

Parlor allows teams to treat their users not just as a bunch of paying customers, but rather as an army of potential collaborators.

For Teams:

  • Prioritize your development efforts by accurately estimating new feature impact.

  • Validate that new features are being designed the right way the first time.

  • Identify your anti-roadmap by weeding out duds long before development.

  • Boost user satisfaction by engaging them as collaborators, not just customers.

For Users:

  • Collaborate directly with the designers & developers of the products you use.

  • Contribute to the direction and creation of all of those products, at no additional cost.

  • Connect with other users to dictate which features should – or shouldn't – be built.